Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How Do Kids Feel About Inked-Up Parents?

Our tattoos represent our personality, our history, our creativity (our mistakes), and are just plain fun (until we decide their mistakes, lol). People of all ages are tattooed now and the exposure to our children's isn't something that we typically consider. But should we? How do your kids respond to your tattoos?  We'll never really know how they will impact the future of our kids, but for now....

Which will you end up with???

In my home, my kids are constantly exposed to tattoos because my husband is a tattoo artist. In our family each kid reacts differently. MJ has absolutely no interested in them, doesn't care to see what daddy does, and NEVER wants to get a tattoo. LaLa on the other hand, is obsessed. She loves to look at them, always wants fake tattoos, and constantly asks daddy to draw on her. My children hold no prejudice towards tattoos and will never disrespect anyone based on the ink on their skin, but how exactly will it influence them when they grow up? What do you think?

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