Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Date with Johnny The Skull

johnny the skull game

So, my husband’s birthday just passed and I have to say he has to be one of the most difficult people for me to shop for. The man has everything he could want or need. I hate giving birthday gifts that people “need”. He is a tattoo artist and only ever asks for supplies. It drives me nuts! So, this birthday I decided to try something a little more fun and quirky. We always say we need more family time and the other day I found the perfect gift to encourage that.

It’s the Johnny the Skull Electronic Game.  This is a great family time in the dark game and perfect for our quirky little family. Johnny the Skull is a skeleton that sees ghosts everywhere he turns and the player must help Johnny by shooting the ghosts. How fun is that!

I definitely hit a home-run with this gift. Not only is it a perfect fit for my husband, it was something we had never seen before, and to top it off the kids loved it too! Johnny is a foot tall skeleton that can sit anywhere with a head that spins 360° flashing ghosts all over the walls. The goal is for each player to take the included laser gun and shoot as many ghosts as you can. Being that this is a family game and our kids are pretty young, it was really great to see that Johnny has different levels of difficulty.

After dinner and birthday cake the whole family piled into the living room, turned off all the lights and started our first ghost hunt with Johnny the Skull. We had a blast! The ghosts were easy to see and the sensor was very accurate. Since it a projection from Johnny’s eyes, the ghosts will pop up on everything in the room – even on the players! I definitely give this little ghost a gold star. Although it's bit pricey ($35 when I bought it), it was worth the money.

The best part is, this cute little guy really fits in well with our home decor. Even if we don’t play very often – he looks great sitting on my fireplace.

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