Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY Halloween Votive's With A Little Sparkle

If you're looking for an easy Halloween decoration that will add a little wicked sparkle, this is one is great and cheap to do - and it's one we'll use year-round.

Two glass candle holders (Dollar Tree)
Two tall cylinder glass votives (you need ones with a flat surface and they're usually at the dollar tree)
Looking Glass Spray Paint
Halloween Stickers - mine were on sale at Michael's
Spray bottle with water
E6000 Clear Adhesive

I purchased most of my supplies at Dollar Tree, with the spray paint and stickers from Michael's. There really wasn't a huge selection of wicked Halloween stickers, but I liked these glitter skulls and spider webs.

I found a great tutorial on, of course Pinterest, on how to create the look of mercury glass. I took the glass votives and covered the outside with painters tape to prevent the spray paint from touching the outside of the glass. I lightly spritzed the inside of the votive with water and then sprayed the inside of the glass with Looking Glass spray paint. The paint will pool at the bottom and you want to just roll it around inside the votive and let it dry.

Once the votive is dry, glue to glass candle holder to the bottom the votive using E6000 clear adhesive and let it dry.

To finish it off, place your Halloween stickers on the outside of your new candle holder. The adhesive on the scrapbook stickers I purchased worked great and they're hanging on really well. If you'd like to secure it better you can coat the adhesive side of the stickers with the E6000 adhesive or you can cover the sticker with Modge Podge.

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