Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Halloween Vignette

I absolutely LOVE Halloween. It is the only time of year that I can comfortably put my dark and wild side out on display (without the concerned stares of visiting family members and neighbors). We have a year-round collection of Halloween paraphernalia displayed throughout our house, so I love being able pull it all together and really let it all hang out.

Our home has a very strange randomly placed tile window on one of the bare walls, so that is where I decided to begin. I gathered some of the items from our collection and started going wild.

I found some colorful pictures online of some of our favorite characters from classic horror movies. I wanted to add a lot of color to the top of the "window"so I found the brightest images, and couldn't resist the tattooed Bride of Frankenstein. I added them to a few black frames we have hanging around the house and hung them with black ribbon in offset lengths.

I picked up several items from the Dollar Tree, including the black and orange twigs, the cut-out bats and spiders, the cool mummy statue, the little skeletons an birds, and the supplies to make the Gothic votive candle holders (instructions are here). The glitter pumpkins are from Target.

I loved the skeleton terrariums I kept seeing on Pinterest, so I decided to add one to our mantel also. I grabbed a 5" glass candle stand that I had laying around and topped it with moss. Then I cut a tombstone from styrofoam and painted with silver craft paint. Once it dried I drew on a little design with permanent marker and added my character. Voila! I didn't have a bell lid, but it looks good to me!

Say cheese!

It was an easy vignette and the family loves it. My husband decided we're keeping it up all year! 

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